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On AlienRoom, over 10,000 developers are part of our Community, DevOps Engineers and Engineering Leaders as well as Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers just like you!

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Whether it’s JavaScript, Ruby, DevOps, CyberSecurity, Scala or anything else, on AlienRoom you will get offers from companies for your preferred tech stack and desired salary.

"I like AlienRoom because companies offer interviews with my base salary and above. It saved the effort of applying for jobs, doing interviews, getting offers, and finally finding out that the salary didn't meet my requirements." Diduo Zimbague (Indonesia)
Hired as a Frontend Developer by Zalando

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AlienRoom operates in USA, Europe’s and Latin America’s most exciting tech cities. Set your location preference and companies apply to you!

Top Jobs for Top Tech Talent

Be part of the top 10% and connect with Remote’s top tech companies.

-- Francisco (Colombia) Hired as a FullStack by TakeTwo
"After only two weeks I received 13 interview invites from a great selection of companies. From these I could choose the ones that best suited me and ended up finding the perfect startup job."

-- Karen (Chile)
Hired as a JavaScript Developer by MercadoLibre Chile
"Within a few weeks I received multiple job offers and landed an awesome job right after finishing my coding bootcamp. Compared to my experience with job recruiters on other platforms, my experience on AlienRoom felt much more personal."

-- Mauricio (Mexico)
Hired as a Python Developer by finAPI
" Their system is really efficient in the sense that companies find you, making this a really simple and painless."

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