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Building Apps That Make Life Better

What is AlienRoom?

AR is a Web Application & Mobile Development Partner

What We Do?

Through our custom Agile development method, we bring your mobile and web application ideas to reality.

We stand out for our top development skills but we are much more than that. We are a genuine strategic business partner.

End-to-end Application Development

You Manage The Business, We Handle The Application

We cover all the bits and pieces needed to develop top-notch, innovative digital products. From strategy to product design, including Front-end and Back-end services, we got your back. We code to very high standards and test continuously, which creates easy to maintain high-quality products.

Mobile and Web Apps for Startups and Enterprises

  • Web Development

  • Custom app development

  • Product design (UX/UI)

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • eCommerce solutions

  • DevOps services

  • IT staff augmentation

  • Cyber Security

Results for Innovative Companies

As a product development company, we help businesses ideate, strategize, iterate, and launch their mobile and web apps while keeping cost, timelines, and objectives in mind.

Collaborative & Scientific Approach

Our custom Agile development method puts you in control, reducing risks and increasing transparency between our team and yours. This allows you to hit even aggressive timelines.

Solutions for Startups and Enterprises

We address all design and technical challenges, identify any risk areas, and create a sound foundation for your product based on budget, timeline, and technology. We deliver your product blueprint, complete with the app's architecture.

Web & Mobile App Development

No matter what we hit sprint deadlines on time and according to your technical requirements. We focus on building scalable apps that facilitate incremental improvements to your product.

Product Design

Our app development approach uses design as a means of crafting innovative digital experiences. We rigorously use wireframes, user flows, and prototyping to deliver a powerful User Experience.

Some of the Industries We Currently Serve

  • Retail

  • EdTech

  • FinTech

  • HiTech

  • ioT

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