Building Apps That Make Life Better

We are a world-class digital product development company that specializes in mobile and web app development projects, but we are much more than your typical agency.

Through a strategic development partner approach and our custom Agile development method, we put your business and users at the forefront of the development process.

More than Software Development Services

When it comes to mobile and web apps, crafting innovative digital experiences and guaranteeing quality matters a lot. However, much more is needed to make sure your company flourishes. Our strategic partner approach helps guarantee a world-class product and impactful business results.

That is why we work side by side with you to make optimal strategic decisions that impact your company in a positive way. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, your business matters to us.

Your success is our success.

Our AlienRoom Values

  • Passion

    Drives Our Proactivity
    For us, for this team, our core motivation is not the carrots we get, nor the sticks that we fear. It’s about the passion that is within us. It’s passion that keeps us up late learning. Passion that impels us

    to evolve to provide service offerings our clients may not even know they need. It’s passion that holds our standards high.

  • Innovate

    Be it technology, people, partners or customers- we believe in building connections and relationships across boundaries. We focus on people rather than trade them for short-term monetary gains from development.Over 85% of our business comes from repeat customers or direct client referral. This is why we have one of the highest number of multimillion dollar valuations in the industry.

  • Respect and Discipline

    Protect our Culture
    Agile allows us to find problems faster, and as a result they are fixed earlier. By the end of the project each problem has been fixed and tested under many levels of scrutiny. Agile allows us to produce flawless code.

Who We Are

Although we are a software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions, we see ourselves as strategic business partners. That is why we help clients through all of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

For us, culture is very important, and that is why we make sure you enjoy every step of the process of bringing an app to life. We believe that a satisfied client has the power to create a positive impact on the lives of people across the world through technology.


AlienRoom was founded in 2019 in the tropical city of Ciudad de Panama, Panama. Since then, we have opened offices in Colombia and Miami.

Our name comes from our idea to connect Aliens with Humans Developing Software and Hardware, just like in a typical Agile app development project.

Our Leadership

Building a strong company like Koombea requires strong and empathic leaders who are able to address challenges in a strategic and humane way. Our leadership empowers everyone at Koombea to be owners and innovators while keeping a customer-centric lens on everything we do.

  • Alberto Guzman (Web/Mobile Development, SysAdmin)
  • Josue Guzman (Visuals Editor)
  • Yarelis Diaz (UI/UX, SketchUp, Graphic Design)
  • Jesus Delgado (CSS, Styling, DevOps)
  • Alvaro (CFO)

Instagram: @alienroom
Twitter: @alienroom
LinkedIn: @alienroom
Telegram: @alienroom
Youtube: @alienroom